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Assistance acknowledged by authors in six books and reports.

Commercial Publications

Edited a series of articles on Crime Prevention for the Reader’s Digest.

Television and Radio Hosting and Production.

Created over 500 television and radio programs for the federal government and the state of Maryland.

Created the nation’s most popular radio and television productions (podcasting) for selected search terms for the Internet.

First on the internet with a radio and television podcast series for a state agency and first to do the same for the federal government.

National Criminal Justice Publications

Media  Editor-Corrections.Com. Contribute columns on media issues.

Created the most popular series of documents for the National Crime Prevention Council (Topics in Crime Prevention)

Corrections.Com, Treatment Services, 2011

Corrections.Com, Sex Offender Supervision, 2011

Corrections.Com, Federal Government, Three Years of Social Media Marketing-Lessons Learned, 2010

COPS Magazine, US Department of Justice, Three Years of Social Media-Lessons Learned, 2010

Journal of Community Corrections,  GPS Tracking of Criminal Offenders-Research Overview, 2010

Journal of Offender Monitoring,  Law Enforcement and Community Corrections Use of GPS, 2010

COPS Magazine, US Department of Justice,   Using Social Networking to Reach the Public. 2009

Journal of Community Corrections, Offender reentry-What it Means to the law Enforcement Community, 2009

Journal of Community Corrections , What Works, Evidence Based Practices in Parole and Probation, 2009

Journal of Community Corrections , Returning from Prison, We Make Transition Possible, 2008

National Sheriff, The Violence Must Stop-Violence Reduction and Gang Call-Ins, 2009

Journal of Community Corrections, Law Enforcement’s Role in Offender Reentry, 2008, Mental Health Unit, 2008, Emergency Media Planning, 2008, Promoting Corrections, 2008

National Sheriff Magazine, Domestic Violence Unit, 2007

Journal of Offender Monitoring, Community Engagement, 2007.

Journal of Community Corrections, TIPS, 2007

Journal of Community Corrections, Evidence Based Practices, 2007

Journal of Community Corrections, Mass Orientations, 2007

National Sheriff Magazine, Project Safe Neighborhoods, 2007

National Sheriff Magazine, Faith-Based Efforts, 2007

How E-Government is Changing Society and Strengthening Democracy, So You Want to Podcast, 2007

Corrections.Com, Handling Celebrity Media Inquiries, 2007

Corrections.Com, High Risk Drug Offenders, 2007

Corrections.Com, Podcasting, 2007

Corrections.Com, Media Relations for Community Corrections, 2007

National Sheriff Magazine, Domestic Violence, 2007

Corrections Today Magazine, Community Supervision Officers, 2006

Corrections.Com, Auto-Screener, 2006

Catalyst Magazine, National Crime Prevention Council (and web site), Accountability Tours, 2006

Corrections.Com, CSOSA Treatment Services, 2006

In Sites Magazine, Community Cooperation, 2006

Corrections Today Magazine, SMART, 2005

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center Newsletter, SMART (reprint) 2005

National Institute of Corrections Web Site SMART (reprint), 2005

Tech Beat Magazine, Auto Screener, 2005 (edited, promoted and arranged)

Corrections.Com, SMART and AUTO Screener, 2005

National Sheriff Magazine, Sex Offender Supervision in the Nation’s Capitol, 2005

The National Sheriff Magazine ,The Case for Community Crime Prevention,1986.

Security Management Magazine, Time for a New Approach to Employee Theft, 1986.

The National Sheriff Magazine, Law Enforcement’s Role in Starting and Maintaining Neighborhood Watch Programs, 1987.

Security Management Magazine, The Cost of Business Crime,   1989.

Police Chief Magazine, Crimes Against the Elderly.   1989.

Police Chief Magazine, Information Technology for Criminal Justice, 1985.

Papers  and Organizational Publications

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, History of the Community Crime Prevention Movement in America,

California Legislative Hearings on Community Crime Prevention. Community Crime Prevention:  The Way to Stop Crime Is to Get Citizens Involved.

The National Institute of Justice Response to Violent Crime.

Community Crime Prevention — A Practical Guide to Research and Resources—National Crime Prevention Council.

Burglary — An Analysis of the Data – National Criminal Justice Reference Center

Maintaining Neighborhood Watch Programs – National Crime Prevention Council

Crime and Crime Prevention Statistics – National Crime Prevention Council

Selling Crime Prevention – National Crime Prevention Council

Resources for Crime Prevention – National Crime Prevention Council

The Success of Community Crime Prevention – National Crime Prevention Council

Organizing for Small Business Crime Prevention – National Crime Prevention Council

The Forum, Law Journal of the University of Baltimore School of Law

“Baltimore’s Own Law and Order Cowboy:  An Interview with State’s Attorney William Swisher.” Cover story, November 1975.

“Rape:  It Only Happens to Others.”  The Forum, March 1976.

“Public Defense in Baltimore:  Are Baltimore’s Poor Receiving Adequate Criminal Defense?”  The Forum, January 1977.

Baltimore Sun

“Prison Can Be a Place to Start Anew or a New Step Downward.” Lead story, Perspective, The Baltimore Sun, November, 1979.

“Stress: No.1 Police Problem.” Front page, Perspective, The Baltimore Sun, March 1981.

“The Career Criminal and How to Deal with Him.”  Front page, Perspective, The Baltimore Sun, February 1981.

City Dweller Newspaper

“Eight Hours in a Patrol Car.”  City Dweller, December 1975.

“What You Can Do To Prevent Crime.”  Lead story, City Dweller, February 1975.

“A Slightly Different Look at the Baltimore City Police.”  City Dweller, December 1975.

“The Legal System — An Investment in Reality is the Way to Cope with Lawlessness.”  City Dweller, June 1975.

“Baltimore Criminal Justice — 1975.”  City Dweller, January 1975.

“Law and Order in Baltimore:  What’s Wrong or Right with the System.”  City Dweller, June 1975.

“Experts Note Shift in Drug Treatment.”  City Dweller, May 1975.

“The Trauma of Rape.”  Johns Hopkins University Newsletter, September 1977.