Microsoft learns the ultimate art of deception from Apple

by admin on June 21, 2012


From the Columbia Journalism Review:

“Yesterday, Microsoft got a bunch of tech journalists to go to Hollywood for what it promised would be a major announcement: The company was launching its own tablet PC.

And what a launch it was—at least for the flacks and marketers at Microsoft, which has finally caught on (years later, true to form) to how Apple shapes the live press coverage of its product launches, which tend to turn a pack of hardened journalists into an infomercial audience.”

So this is good?

So Microsoft learns the ultimate art of deception from Apple; and this is supposedly good?

How many people in public relations will be affected by praise of disingenuousness?

We struggle endlessly within the public relations profession for truth and what we get is a celebration of deception and half-truths.

Steve Jobs was a genius at building devices. He was less than that when it came to transparency and press relations.

This is sad.

Best, Len.

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