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One of the challenges of working with nonprofits and associations is getting them to see the value of social media. Some see a complex world of frequent blog posts, spam and comments they last encountered in middle school.

Associations and nonprofits are often run by people who have decades of experience in obtaining government grants and wooing traditional supporters via conferences and mailing lists for financial and policy support.

Internet-based crowd-sourcing, membership drives and raising money from small donors are foreign to them. Considering the topsy-turvy world of social media, who can blame them?

But the primary method of doing all of this from this point forward is going to be based on the Internet and social media.

Now Google offers incentives for entry into the social media world. The blog post below provides details.

Kudos to Google! I believe that the support articulated below may be the encouragement that many nonprofits and associations need.

I talk to younger staff members who remain frustrated that their managers cannot break from older modes of operation. Now they have a new tool to approach management to prompt them to move beyond websites into broader conversation with people who care about their issues.

Best, Len.

You’re changing the world. We want to help.

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One of the greatest things about my job is hearing how terrific organizations are using technology to help their cause. Today I’ve had a chance to talk with Direct Relief International who raised more than $1 million using Google AdWords, Samasource who saved tens of thousands of dollars using Google Apps and the Natural Resource Defense Council who earned 100,000 views from one video on their YouTube channel with no paid advertising. Listening to these stories and several like them, we realized that we had an opportunity to greatly increase the number of nonprofits we could assist. With today’s launch of the Google for Nonprofits program, which provides exclusive product offerings and enhanced online resources, we’ll be able to help U.S.-based nonprofits reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness for their cause.

If you work for a nonprofit, this program provides you with several new benefits. Instead of applying to each Google product individually, you can sign up through a one-stop shop application process. If approved, you can access our suite of product offerings designed for nonprofits: up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords to reach more donors, free or discounted Google Apps to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently, and premium features for YouTube and our mapping technologies to raise awareness of your cause. We’ve also developed other online resources such as educational videos, case studies and better ways for you to connect with other nonprofits.

Over time, we’ve learned that many nonprofits require hands-on assistance to optimize the use of Google tools. So we’re also introducing the Google for Nonprofits Marketplace, which connects nonprofits with professional service providers who have agreed to offer their services for a free or discounted rate. These firms are already certified partners from existing Google marketplaces—likeAdWords Authorized ResellersAnalytics Certified PartnersGoogle Apps Marketplace and theGoogle Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace.

We’re inspired and humbled by the amazing ways nonprofits make positive changes to our world and look forward to supporting their work. If you work for a nonprofit, apply today to see how Google can help your organization grow and expand your impact.

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