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On a recent post, I suggested that government agencies, associations and nonprofits should not use Facebook Profiles; it’s better to use Facebook Pages.

Profiles are for everyday people communicating with friends, family and others they know. Profiles have a way of becoming a spam quagmire especially when you’re not careful with who you accept as friends.

Organizational Pages control spam while allowing you to communicate with key audiences.

With that said, requestors to this site have asked for the best available guidelines on the use of Facebook.

For that information, please see CopyBlogger is a highlighted resource on this site. They are one of the best sources of information on social media and writing for the Internet. I suggest you sign up for their mailing list.

Another note as to the last article on the use of Facebook Profiles; I suggested that 99 percent of the messages people get were spam. Some people objected.

While I was taking literary license, messages to most of the Facebook Profile sites I’ve been involved with were either badly off topic or endless requests for Farmville (or other gaming sites) or requests to join causes (how do you join a “cause” without knowing more about the motives of the organization behind it?).

Again, organizations should stick to Facebook Pages.

Best, Len Sipes




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