Creating Great Content for Websites through Audio, Video and Blogs

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I speak to a variety of agencies and national organizations on social media or public relations and I usually create articles or PowerPoint’s to address their unique needs.

The material below is content for a PowerPoint on creating great content. It accompanies the first product titled, “The Advantages of Government Social Media” (link below) and will be followed by an article/PowerPoint on detailed aspects of hosting two-person video and audio interviews.

Creating Great Content:

Creating great content is advice given by everyone in social media but it’s like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography; almost impossible to describe but you know it when you see it. If we all knew how to it consistently we would be rolling in social media and PR fame and dollars. I try to make the point that alternative methods of creating content like audio and video can help.

The Presentation Below:

The presentation below is directed to satisfying and expanding an established national audience by presenting them with options to satisfy customer learning styles through the development of audio, video, fact sheets, easy to read articles and other easily digestible material.

Yes, presenting PowerPoint content solely in writing is like describing a cartoon; it lacks context. But many asked for it as a blog post. The PowerPoint is unavailable because it addressed unique agency issues.

I place a lot of emphasis on inexpensive methods of creating media. For example, I believe that a pocket video camera, a tripod, natural lighting and an external microphone can create great video. A decent yet inexpensive audio recorder can create great audio.

PowerPoint Content:

1 Creating Great Content-Introduction

Introduction: All points apply regardless as to the product (Audio-Video-Blog)

This is about your website and content and ways to distribute your products via e-mail and social media.




The goal is to build a personal relationship with the customer

You want to be part of the daily working lives of your customers

2 Creating Great Content-Personalization

People buy from people-not organizations:

  1. Why personalization is important (letting your personality shine)
  2. Why hosting interviews is important (two-person interviews are better than talking heads)

3 Creating Great Content-What Customers Want

Customers like personalization; they like people/organizations they can identify with:

  1. They need/want authority
  2. They like friendly
  3. They like informal
  4. They like/need simplicity
  5. Some  like interactions
  6. Some want to contribute to the conversation

4 Creating Great Content- What Customers Want

Customers want options as to learning styles. Some want to listen, some want to watch, some want to read.

They LOVE simplification and plain English

Social media needs to be incorporated into everything you do-do not release a product without media attached

Try to be trendy—what’s trending on Twitter or Google? Does it fit what you want to do?

5 Creating Great Content for the Internet

Audio and video transcripts are gold-they are essential to search engine optimization.

Great-descriptive titles are essential for customer service and search engine optimization

You are writing for the internet-You are creating for the long run

What you create could come into play 5-10 years from now

6 Creating Great Content for the Internet

There is no such thing as creating for today only. Your material lives forever

Search engine optimization—what makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for on the internet

You use terms customers are comfortable with, not what the bureaucracy is comfortable with.

Add something new to issues

7 Creating Great Content for the Internet

Controversy is the great page-view magnet that we must use very carefully if at all

Links from other websites to yours are essential for search engine optimization

You get links by creating material other agencies will publicize on their sites.

8 Creating Great Content-Think About Your Customer

Think of your customer when you create-form a mental image in your mind of him or her

Use the same questions a reporter would use

Do not be afraid to bring up tough issues

How would the average American react to your product or media?

9 Creating Great Content-Social Media Sites

There are no secrets to using Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

Short products

Post often

It’s all about the title

Incorporate key words

Twitter-use hash tags (#) for search

10 Creating Great Content-Social Media Sites

Facebook-use photos

Twitter-Facebook-use links to other material to populate posts

Facebook-pin to top

Facebook-prioritize posts

YouTube-short, interesting, personal videos that solve problems

11 Populating Blogs

Incorporate key words

It’s all about the title


Forgot most of what your English instructors taught you (what they do in advertising)

Focus on communicating-what drives the message home

Four paragraphs or less are fine

12 Populating Blogs

One sentence paragraphs are fine

Make your material scannable

Must be personal

No jargon

Use Plain English

13 Hosting Two-Person Video or Audio

Title of the series that incorporates the organization AND the topic

Use agency seal and brand

Short—2-5 minutes

Two minutes better

14 Hosting Two-Person Video or Audio

Personal (people buy from people-not organizations)

Anything that personalizes you and your production-smile-laugh-screw-up

Tell stories (very important) but get to the point

The pre-interview is the most important part of a good video

Read the data well enough to know the most important points-you don’t have to be a subject expert to host an interview

Write down your introduction, name of guest, title, topic, phonetic spelling, top five-ten points

15 Hosting Two-Person Video or Audio

Summarize issues for your guest-let them focus on feelings, not facts

If your guest stumbles-help them by summarizing data

If your guest does well, minimize interaction

Use footage, audio clips or photos (b-roll)

You can buy audio clips or video footage inexpensively from Pound-5 or IStockPhoto or others

16 Hosting Two-Person Video

Close: shoot video chest-up (personalizing the shot)

Use natural lighting when possible

Always use a tripod

Mark your spots (where you stand) with colored tape

Sixty percent of good video is good audio—wear lapel microphones or use a quality handheld microphone

17 Hosting Two-Person  Video

With short videos, if a mistake is made-reshoot

If doing two-minute videos-shoot several times-pick the best one

Minimize or eliminate editing

Use title-website-agency seal

18 Hosting Two-Person Video

Green-screen video is easier than ever to do and can be done for $1,000.00 or less

Cameras can be iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Smartphones

Better cameras ($400-$500 range) can offer vibration and low-light control and shoot in mp4

19 Hosting Two-Person Audio-Incorporate Tips for Video

Audio can convey ideas more powerfully than video

Short—2-5 minutes

Two minutes better if possible

Focus on stories

Focus on imagery

20 Hosting Two-Person Audio

Personal (people buy from people)

Anything that personalizes your production-smile-laugh-screw-up

Tell stories (very important)

The pre-interview is everything

Write down your introduction, name of guest, title, topic, phonetic spelling, top five-ten points

21 Hosting Two-Person Audio

If your guest stumbles-help them

If your guest does well, minimize interaction

With short audios, if a mistake is made-rerecord

If doing two-minute audios-record several times

22 Hosting Two-Person Audio

Minimize or eliminate editing

Longer audio for policy discussions

You can buy audio clips inexpensively from Pound5 or IStockPhoto

Devices: Digital recorders, iPad, iPhones, iPod Touch, Smartphone

A digital recorder with an external microphone is best

Regardless of the device, eat the mike (microphone two inches from the mouth)

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