Use Twitter to Reach Black and Hispanic Populations

by admin on June 3, 2011








Pew creates wonderful research on Internet use and there’s little to say here beyond what mainstream media has offered.

Thirteen percent of online adults use Twitter representing an increase from a previously reported eight percent.

What’s truly interesting is the fact that Blacks and Hispanics represent (by far) the dominant online groups using Twitter:

  • 25 percent of online Blacks are using Twitter;
  • 19 percent of online Hispanics are using Twitter;
  • 9 percent of online Whites are using Twitter.

The other dominant groups are college educated, people from metro areas and those from 18 to 49 years of age. But note that Twitter use has doubled for the 55-64 age group.


The bottom-line seems to be that Twitter use is growing (we knew that) but more important is the finding among Hispanic and Black populations.  If you’re using social media to reach these populations, Twitter need to be considered.



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