Twenty-Five Percent of Americans Own Tablets. What does it mean for your website?

by admin on October 9, 2012


New research from Pew: A quarter of American adults now own tablet computers, a major increase from the first measurement of tablet ownership by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in the late summer of 2010. In September 2010, 4% of American adults owned tablets and now 25% do, according to a survey the Project conducted from July 16-August 7, 2012.

Those 50-64 now have a higher percentage of tablet ownership than the 18-29 age group. Blacks have a higher percentage of ownership than Whites (by one point).

As good tablets become far less expensive than the iPad, tablet sales will grow dramatically. It “will” have implications for your marketing efforts.

Previous article reporting that 11 percent of Americans own Tablets:

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You can look at ‘The Tablet Revolution” from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism as a microcosm of early adopters of new technology.  There are some surprising results:

Consuming news (53 percent) is more popular than social networking (39 percent).

Just 14 percent have paid for news content. Another 23 percent get access to news sites because they have paid a subscription to a traditional publication.

Even though two-thirds have a news app the browser is still the most popular method of getting news.

Just 21 percent state that they would pay $5.00 a month for news.

Eight in 10 get their news through tablets.

Tablet owners spend more time with news items and share the results.

My analysis:

I just created a post suggesting that there are power users who comment on social media sites (

It strikes me that tablet users (mostly middle-age, higher income working individuals) may constitute another group of power users worth pursuing.

Lessons: Make sure your websites are optimized for the iPad (81 percent of tablets). Be sure your sites are optimized for browser searches.

Best, Len.

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