Short blog posts rule the Internet.

by admin on September 19, 2011


We know from research that shorter is better.

My government social media presence, however, throws this concept out the window with 30 minute television and radio shows and blog entries that are actually full-blown articles printed in national publications. We get 70,000 page views a month (wouldn’t we all like to get 70,000 page views a month) but I have always been convinced that we could get more (and longer times spent on site) if I reduced the time commitment.

We’re not Leo Laporte and the TWIT network ( –my favorite long-form podcasts) Our topics aren’t devoured; they are searched. For the dedicated audience, long posts or podcasts work.

But for most of us, we don’t have a dedicated audience. We’re just subject matter experts who attract small audiences. I’m convinced that we could get larger and more loyal audiences if we just kept everything short. Really short.

Now comes Buddy Media ( –see Newsroom) who seem to create research that emulates electron microscopes by getting down to basic elements of an Internet presence.

They offer a variety of precise research and one pertaining to as Facebook states, “Short Posts Work Best: Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement.

Does this finding apply to blog or website posts? Yes, it does.

Internet reader’s skim and they find time commitments to be outrageously annoying. You’re going to get them for three minutes, that’s it.

The goal is to get them to your site, engage and get the 20 to 30 percent who really care about your topic to come back often.

They are only going to come back for quality information and insights if your material meets their needs and minimizes time commitments.

Best, Len.


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