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National award winner for customer service National Award

Promoting a county at

Consulting at the Department of Labor at

Won awards for best podcast and best audio from the National Association of Government Communicators, see awards brochure at

DC Public Safety Radio and Television won the Government Customer Service Community of Practice (Cgov) 2014 Overall Excellence Award and Award for the Best Use of Technology. See   See for the photo. Others at and .

Headlined national conference on government communications; presentation begins at the 10 minute mark, see . Takes time to load and to get to my section.

First podcast series for the federal government:

Commercial for television show:

Photos of a live television interview at the Blog World-New Media Conference in Los Angeles:

Department of Justice website description of my career:

Press release from the Department of Justice featuring a radio show with the Assistant Attorney General:

Washington Post:

Government Video Magaine-Using Social Media to Get the Job Done: (search “Sipes”).

How E-Government is Changing Society and Strengthening Democracy-So You want to Podcast (See page 20)—COLAB—collaborative

How to Podcast, Tech Beat, US Department of Justice: