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There’s a large number of subject matter experts who try blogging and give up; it’s hard to see the benefits for you or your organization.

Too much pain and too little gain.

The principle difficulty is time; most of us don’t have a lot of it.

So I’m going to introduce the principle of one hour a day blogging. Here it is:

Create your material on WordPress.Com ( It’s mostly free (except for the add ons for audio or video). They maintain the site for you.

Write short articles or create short audios or videos. Create and let it sit for a day. You will find errors and a day’s delay saves you from correcting posted material.

Write and create in a narrative style for a general audience. Find your speaking voice. Say something unique or different. Make your stuff worth following. Toss out all your preconceived notions for writing; Internet users skim until they find exactly what they are looking for.

Use Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon and sites that will pick up your RSS feed and re-post your material automatically (i.e., Blog Catalog). Ignore all other social media sites unless they focus on your area of interest.

Interact with people who meaningfully comment and thank them for their messages. Forgot the others.

Take five minutes a day to interact with other bloggers in your area of interest and offer to exchange links. Search engines  send you traffic based on the number of links from other sites to yours.

Stick to an hour a day. If it exceeds an hour, stop. Eliminate anything that takes more than an hour.

The bottom-line is that people will follow you “if” you have a unique voice. If you post often enough (three times a week) and if you do it long enough (one year minimum) you could see your site grow to a thousand page hits a day.

Yep, you can do much more that what I’m describing here and you can devote endless hours to the craft but that’s the problem; you end up dropping the blog and we don’t get the benefits of your insight.

Stick to an hour a day. You will have a much more rewarding experience.

Note: Many web experts will tell you that it’s your best interest to use another version of WordPress ( and purchase your own domain name and web hosting service and create a site that you control. For a discussion of these issues, see

Best, Len Sipes.



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