Fear Public Speaking? The Solution is Audio or Video Recordings on the Internet

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From my other website at Http://MyLifeAudio.Com

Many of us fear speaking in public. The solution is to create audio and video products that give you complete control.

Audio or video tells your life story or the story of your business, association or nonprofit with grace and power.

The main impediment to public speaking is fear of doing it wrong or looking foolish.

With audio or video, the solution is to record or re-record until you feel comfortable with the outcome. You put the recordings on your website or a website we create for you.

You know what you want to say; isn’t it time you said it effectively?

You don’t have to be a great public speaker:

All of us have witnessed great public speakers. We are sure that we could never do as well.

We’ve watched politicians, religious and business leaders and we wonder how anyone could address a crowd that large and use words that effectively.

We’ve convinced ourselves that they are the ideal and we could never match their speaking effectiveness thus we don’t try. We believe that anything short of a brilliant performance will make us look foolish.

Your audience wants authenticity:

Yet public opinion polls indicate that many groups led by gifted speakers have ridiculously low scores as to trust and believability.


What people want more than anything else is authenticity. It powers social media. It influences public opinion.

When you tell your life or business story, be yourself. No one is expecting speaking brilliance; they simply want the real you.

People want the real deal.

The key is honesty. Tell your story the way you tell is to your spouse and friends; relaxed and passionate.

Communication must be unique to your style and to who you are. It has to be part of your natural makeup. Some us pace like angry tigers when speaking and some sit and speak quietly, thoughtfully and passionately.

Use great storytelling:

Fast Company offers an interesting article titled, “Using Great Storytelling To Grow Your Business.”

For me, the important paragraph is “The key to engage them is to use lots of “language of the senses,” or LOTS. When telling a story, share with us what you see, smell, feel, taste, and hear. When you trigger a sense in someone, you bring them into the story with you.”

Speaking from the heart:

People can tell sincerity; they have the ability to understand when you are speaking from the heart and speaking from the art.

I (and most people) can tell a professionally groomed speaker; they are often as phony as three dollar bills.

Everyone wants to be sucked in by a good story and for it to be first-rate you have to take some risks and open people to your journey.

The audience needs to see, feel and touch the uncertainty, smell the risk, celebrate the victories “and” they have to experience it in a fairly short journey if you are promoting a cause or business.

Personal or business histories, however, need time to develop.

Just remember, be yourself.

If you talk to someone (be they a professional or family member or friend) who tries to get you to appear to be something you’re not, discard them.  Go with your natural speaking style.

We may not be the professional speaker we hear on radio or see on TV “but” you can still sway an audience in meaningful and powerful ways.

Help is available:

If you want help in creating effective audio or video products, MyLifeAudio.Com (Http://MyLifeAudio.Com) can show you the way to success.

We record stories from the comfort of your home or office and place them on a website we create or you can put them on your own website.

Thousands can have access to your story through the internet.

You can talk to more people in a day than in a lifetime of public speaking.

Let someone help you.  Let us guide you step-by-step. Let someone who has hosted radio and television interviews for over 20 years embrace you and your cause.

When you work with me, it will be fun. It will be interesting and you have complete control over the product.

You maximize your time while creating the best possible product.

See http://mylifeaudio.com .

Best, Len.

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Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/1822792/using-great-storytelling-to-grow-your-business

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Josh Light October 29, 2013 at 1:20 pm


Very true. Film is nice because of the ability to edit content.

It is a bit strange when one starts to do it…due to the awkward situation of talking to a camera as opposed to a person.

I’ve slowly gotten over that awkwardness. Took about 100 videos though…


admin October 30, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Hi Josh: Thanks for the comment. I’ve hosted hundreds of television and radio shows–it’s all in the pre-show preparation. The vast majority of my products are done in one take. The trick is to do hosted videos. Someone with experience acting as host can bring out the best in a person. Once I’m done with them, they shine. Best, Len.

Josh Light October 31, 2013 at 12:49 pm


Great advice. A good host can make all the difference.


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