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Described as running, “A perfect public relations program,” by Washington Post columnist Colby King, December, 2016.

“The best government podcaster in America” per moderator at an international communications conference in Washington, D.C., 2015.

“Leonard Sipes is a pioneer and recognized leader among federal agencies in social media outreach and education.”  Article in government customer service newsletter citing award.

“A national model of public communications,” Administrator, International Association.

“The genius of Leonard Sipes,” national government policy newsletter.

“Len Sipes has done a tremendous job, along with his colleague Tim Barnes, of moving his federal agency to the forefront of useful Web 2.0 activity in Washington. Not only has Len done it on a shoestring, but he has invested many hours of his discretionary time, to learn new skills and make his corner of government more transparent to the public. Every time I tell someone about the podcasts, etc., that are the result of this man’s drive to excellence, the reaction is “WOW.”  Unsolicited Linkedin comment.

“Leonard is a wonderful person to work with and is very encouraging. We have done many radio and TV shows together and it has been a blast. I look forward to working with him again.” Unsolicited Linkedin comment.

A Highlight from the upcoming NAGC Communications School.–The growing number and type of social media give us as communicators an amazing opportunity engage more people directly with government. Whether you are an experienced social media user or are just beginning to take advantage of this technology resource, Leonard Sipes, senior public affairs specialist and social media manager for the federal government, will teach you more about the benefits of government social media and show you real-world examples of how social media can help you achieve your agency’s operational objectives. Learn how to create effective social media content and engaging audio and video programs. “Using Social Media to Engage Citizens” will be offered at the 2013 NAGC Communications School at

Additonal Comments:

“And @lensipes, who has changed lives by building community inside & outside for years.” (Twitter message from the executive of a federal consulting group)

“Telling the story is a great way to extend brand identity. Sipes’ commentary takes the mystery and intimidation out of using videos to tell the story.” (LinkedIn)

“Leonard Sipes was awesome.” (Twitter message after keynoting the Government Video Expo)

“Thanks for bringing us out of the dark .” (Twitter message after keynoting a national conference of government administrators)

“You are the best public affairs officer in government.” (federal agency executive)

Selected comments on social media products:

“We need this television show to be shown nationally around the world as it’s very relevant . Thank you Leonard for sharing this with us.”

“This was a great help!  I believe Social Media is a great tool for engaging citizens in government.”

“I would like to see better government and citizen engagement and have been trying to convince upper management that social media is a tool we should use. These articles may help with that.”

“I also agree, I only wish I would have found this article sooner.   We all have so much to learn about using social media in the public interest.”

“Never would have thought I would find such fresh information.  You hit the nail on the head and covered all of the factors that go into creating a dynamic social media campaign.”

“Someone who actually knows what they are talking about.”

“This video is so good. Great video. I honestly had no understanding as to what your agency did until now.”

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“Very useful page here for anyone who interested in getting into social media and what it can offer.”

“It’s an exciting and easy to use format that everyone can have a go at and do well if they just do it right.”

“Remember that we always have to keep up-to-date on the Internet. Lessons like these always help.”

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“Social media is becoming a big part of our society and we surely have to learn how to use it to our advantage.”