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by admin on January 18, 2012


I just did an article (link below) titled “Want contributions? Reach out to the socially connected tech community.” In it I used data from Pew Internet suggesting that those technically and socially inclined are willing and able to respond quickly to calls for contributions.

Now the Columbian (WA, link below) offers a short article about a local bank providing matching funds raised through social media with training provided through Washington State University Vancouver’s Digital Media & Culture department.

Banks providing matching funds, universities providing social media training and a focus on the tech and social oriented populations could add new dimensions to association and nonprofit fundraising.

All of us get a gazillion appeals for contributions and sometimes compassion fatigue gets in the way. But if we could combine seed money from private business, training from universities and a laser-like focus on the tech and social savvy community, possibly we could be entering a new and more productive and possibly more entertaining approach to fundraising.

But like television commercials, the entertainment/interest value of  what the social community produces becomes critical. Emergencies and the accompanying news coverage (i.e., Haiti or Japanese earthquakes) creates its own interest. For local charities, social brings new opportunities to create creative messages that are inventive enough to hold interest and sway people to give. I suggest an emphasis on inexpensive yet creative audio and video.

Excerpts from the article:

“First Independent Bank is helping seven local nonprofit organizations raise money through social media and matching funds this year.

The bank’s Ready2Give program provides training in a partnership with Washington State University Vancouver’s Digital Media & Culture department.

First Independent has also pledged a dollar-for-dollar matching grant to the nonprofits, up to $1,500 each or $10,500 total, for new dollars raised through social media channels.”



Best, Len.

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