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Professional Summary:

Described as running, “A perfect public relations program,” by Washington Post columnist Colby King, December, 2016.

Described as “The best government podcaster in America” per the moderator of an international communications conference in November, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Thirty-five years of award-winning media relations, public relations, and social media. Twenty years of award-winning television and radio hosting and producing.

Sixteen awards in 2014-2016 for best customer service (twice) best use of technology, best government customer service, best teamwork, top awards for audio and podcasting, and multiple awards for television hosting and producing.

Over 50 awards throughout my career.

Please see the awards section of this website for a complete list.

Thanks for your interest:

I specialize in media relations, public relations, audio, video and social media services. I’m retired as the Senior Public Affairs Specialist and Social Media Manager for a federal government agency in Washington, D.C.

I’m a graduate of several universities  with a post-master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University.

Finding Reputable Assistance:

Media: I understand the media. I’ve been interviewed and quoted by every national news operation multiple times; from the New York Times to CBS Evening News to National Public Radio to Entertainment Tonight to national talk shows, I have done them all. I have been directly responsible for tens of thousands of difficult media requests. In my home office, you will see personalized autographed photos from the biggest names in national news.  I have never lost an agency head due to unfavorable media coverage.

Marketing and Clearinghouses: I operated clearinghouses for the federal government and spoke to the media. I was the federal government’s primary contact person for crime prevention for 10 years. I helped administer the “McGruff the Crime Dog-Take a Bite out of Crime” national media campaign; the nation’s most successful public service advertising effort. I used that experience to create state-level media campaigns and all met or exceeded their goals.

Television, Radio  and Social Media: I hosted and produced government television and radio shows for 20 years and was the first to place radio shows on the Internet and interact with customers (the beginning of social media). I was the first in federal and state service to offer a radio and television podcast series. I operate one of the country’s most popular social media platforms (television, radio, blog and transcripts) for my topic with 35 terms on the front page (or in the first five) of searches.

Emergency Media: I led emergency media operations for a wide variety of  events including hurricanes, major snow storms, tornadoes, prison riots and police related incidents.

Bottom line: I am is someone who gets great enjoyment from assisting others in “cutting through the clutter” as to media and public relations and social media. You can trust me with that responsibility.

Promotional material for a university-based “Media and Government” course:

The course will be taught by Associate Professor Leonard A. Sipes, Jr. Sipes has over 30 years of national and state-level experience in government media relations. He has been quoted by every major national newspaper and national news network.

From “McGruff the Crime Dog” to Department of Justice clearinghouses to Director of Public Affairs operations for huge multi-layered agencies to Hurricane Katrina to one of the most successful social media operations in the country, Sipes has developed a national reputation for successful reactive and proactive public relations.

He created new and successful public relations plans,  effectively managed thousands of media and legislative contacts and created successful state anti-crime campaigns. He produced a unique and emulated style of proactive public relations,  wrote and managed hundreds of publications and produced  20 to 50 percent approval in agency public opinion.

He has vast experience in big-complicated agencies. He won many national and local awards including a top ten web site from Government Computer News.

Mr. Sipes received a post-Masters graduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University. He is a graduate of two additional universities.

For Additional Information:

For additional information, please contact me at leonardsipes@gmail.com or use the contact form at the top right or call toll-free via Google Voice at 410-575-3127 or sign-up for the e-mail list.